Unity Root Matrix Theory (URMT)
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Unity Root Matrix Theory is an integer-based theory that has both a pure number-theoretic side, with connections to Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Riemann Hypothesis, and a physical side by virtue of the similarity of its equations and phenomenology to that of Physics. It offers a possible discrete formulation of the laws of nature without recourse to real numbers or continuous equations.

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URMT Overview

A complete overview of URMT, including Special Relativity

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Number Theory and Physics

Errata: books 1 to 5

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“The Laws of Physics are those of Number Theory”

This is the view of the author (Richard J Miller) of Unity Root Matrix Theory (URMT). Whilst there is absolutely no denying the Standard Model and General Relativity, his belief is that nature is ultimately discrete and any quantum theory of gravity will have to embrace this. In the author’s opinion, current physical laws are merely a continuous-valued, macroscopic approximation to what is ultimately a discrete form. Any such discrete formulation should have no concept of physical laws at its lowest level and, instead, such laws, including  the very concepts of space and time, only materialise as the numbers grow larger.

April 2021

Fermat’s Last Theorem and Pythagoras

as an Eigenvector Problem

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April 2021

The Coordinate Equation & Fermat’s Last Theorem

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Dec 2022 Update

URMT development is currently suspended whilst the author pursues other related work. The last URMT-specific publications were in April 2021, see the two papers below, which formed part of what was to be the sixth book, but this is now delayed, pending completion of the other related studies. This could be a few years, but the author will continue to address URMT-related communications (email at foot of page) as normal during this period.