Book 2 : Unity Root Matrix Theory
Higher Dimensional Extensions

Unity Root Matrix Theory (URMT)

This second book on Unity Root Matrix Theory extends its original three-dimensional formulation, as given in the first book, to an arbitrary number of higher dimensions.


Unity Root Matrix Theory is formulated with strong adherence to concepts in mathematical physics and it is thought it may provide a discrete formulation of physical phenomena at the Planck level and upward. Consequently, it is essential that the theory incorporates the geometric dimensionality present in established physical theories. In particular, it must naturally embody the four-dimensional spacetime of Special Relativity, the five dimensions of Kaluza-Klein theory, and the eleven or more dimensions of Grand Unified Theories such as String Theory.


Not only has an n-dimensional extension of Unity Root Matrix Theory successfully been achieved, whilst retaining all the three-dimensional mathematical and physical properties detailed in the first book, but a complete n-dimensional solution has been obtained which exhibits the geometric property of compactification, or dimensional reduction. This solution shows that dimensional shrinkage of higher dimensions may occur over long evolutionary timescales.


The emergence of compactification and other physical phenomena gives further confidence that n-dimensional Unity Root Matrix Theory may, indeed, offer a discrete formulation of Physics starting at its most elemental level.


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