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URMT Overview Physics in Integers  PDF Download
Pythagorean Triples as Eigenvectors and Related Invariants PDF Download
Compactification of Higher Dimensions PDF Download
Some Mathematical and Physical Aspects of URM3  PDF Download
Unity Root Matrix Theory (URMT)
Free PDF downloads

Unity Root Matrix Theory and the Riemann Hypothesis

PDF Download

Out with Rest Mass in with Wave-Particle Duality

PDF Download

From Unity Root Matrix Theory to Special Relativity PDF Download

Quaternion and Angular Dynamics Notes PDF Download

A Symmetry Analysis of Pythagoras and Fermat’s Last Theorem

PDF Download

Numeric Solutions to the Coordinate Equation

0=x^n + y^n - z^n + k.x.y.z, PDF Download

A Quark Flavour Model in Integers PDF Download

(Pythagorean Sextuplets as Quarks and Related Invariants)

Unity Root Matrix Theory Overview

A complete overview of URMT, including Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. PDF Download

Hypercharge Quantisation and Fermat’s Last Theorem PDF Download


Geometric and Physical Aspects of Pythagorean Triples as Eigenvectors PDF Download