Book II : Unity Root Matrix Theory
Higher Dimensional Extensions
This book extends the three-dimensional formulation of Unity Root Matrix Theory to four and higher dimensions. More details...
Book I : Unity Root Matrix Theory
Physics in Integers
This first book on the subject lays the foundations of the theory, formulated in three dimensions. More details...
Unity Root Matrix Theory (URMT)
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Book IV : Unity Root Matrix Theory
Mathematical and Physical Advances Volume II
This book advances expands the applications in Volume I to cover quaternions, rotations, integer spin and the electromagnetic plane wave. More details...

Book III : Unity Root Matrix Theory

Mathematical and Physical Advances Volume I

This book advances the subject into mainstream physics detailing its application to the classical harmonic oscillator, Special Relativity and some related cosmology. More details...


Book V : Unity Root Matrix Theory
A Quark Flavour Model
This book gives an all-integer, number-theoretic representation of the quark flavour model starting with the just the up and down quarks, and ending with a full six-quark representation including the additional strange, charm, top and bottom quarks.
More details...

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